How it all began...

Many people ask me how I got involved in home building. Well… I moved to Maryland with the Navy and got the idea in January 2006, just over a year after buying my home in Maryland. I found myself living in a home that was attractive, but very inefficient – as evidenced by my home’s high energy bills. I asked myself, “Am I stuck paying high energy bills for the rest of my life or is it possible to design and build a home that uses less energy to begin with?” Since I realized that energy prices weren’t on the way down any time soon, it made sense that if I could design a home that used half the energy, then my energy bills could be cut in half. Right? After all, I do have a degree in Math…

After just a few weeks of researching the latest in building science, I discovered that building a home that uses less than half the energy of a “code-built” home is pretty trivial… in fact, most of the technology to do so had been around over three decades! What wasn’t trivial was the additional costs associated with the various materials and methods that could yield a very energy efficient home.

Adding solar energy to the home was the natural ‘next step’ to making homes so energy efficient that everyone would want one. In the past 9 years, no has ever told me, “I shouldn’t have to pay for energy” – they simply said that they were tired of paying such high energy bills. I also knew that, since most people I talked with shared their own experiences of realizing how inefficient their homes were that, after just the first year of moving into their homes, they were looking for better windows, more insulation for their attics and solar energy. Hmmm, I had a similar idea: ultra-efficient, solar-powered homes… C.L.E.A.N. Homes! I knew I was really onto something!

I spent over 10,000 hours from 2006-2008 researching & developing ideas into concrete, substantial plans – a unique specification. I then developed software to model much of what I had learned and eventually figured out how to build a home that uses less than half the energy without raising the sale price to the home buyer.

Today, C.L.E.A.N. Homes is offering what you don’t even know you can have… a home that uses less than half the energy of a regular home AND it produces over half of its own energy needs. If you do the math right, you’ll discover that C.L.E.A.N. Homes have 75% lower energy bills or better… but, because I like to be conservative in my claims, I'm advertising 50% lower energy bills – at no extra cost. By the way, that’s more than 3 times better than an Energy Star® home.

- Douglas K Shamlin, CEO, C.L.E.A.N. Homes, Inc.


Listen to our C.E.O. Douglas Shamlin speak of the beginnings of C.L.E.A.N. Homes