Many people ask us if we offer solar leases… and the short answer is “No”. But let us explain why…

With a Solar Lease, you continue to pay an electric bill... just to someone else... Plus, you’ll only save a small % on the electricity.
If you can qualify for a solar lease, you will probably qualify for the solar financing programs that we offer.
We have financing programs that work even if your credit score isn’t high enough to qualify for a solar lease.

The Facts

Signing a 20 Year Solar Lease

Here are the hard facts you need to consider before signing up for a 20 year solar lease:

Purchasing solar, you can expect the following:
12 year loan, 2.99%, SRECs = 50% ACP, loan pmts = $223/mo

  • Annual output guaranteed: 12,000kWhs
  • Expected output: 13,000kWhs
  • Total payments over 20 years: ~$32,166
  • Total electric bill savings over 20 yrs: ~$42,946
  • Total SREC payments over 20 yrs: ~$12,425
  • FITC + State Grant = $13,000
  • TOTAL SAVINGS over 20 yrs: ~$23,205

For a 9.8kW system (37 panels), you can expect something like the following with a solar lease:

  • Annual output guaranteed: 11,000kWhs
  • Expected output: 12,000kWhs
  • Annual payment: ~$1,200 (~$100/month)
  • Annual savings: ~$230
  • Payment escalator: 2.5%
  • Total payments over 20yrs: ~$29,072
  • Total electric bill savings over 20yrs: ~$37,965
  • TOTAL SAVINGS over 20 yrs: ~$8,893


So, as you can see… buying saves you almost 3Xs more than leasing… If you’re a business, you can depreciate 85% of the system purchase price!!

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Energy Freedom

A solar energy system is one of the most important investments you'll ever make. With existing federal & state solar incentives, now is the time to purchase solar. Maximize your savings from these government programs and minimize your tax bill.